Child Protection Policy

  1. The school is strongly committed to protection of the children from any physical and psychological danger during the school hours.
  2. The safety of the children during school hours is of paramount importance to the school.
  3. The children remain supervised at all times while at school.
  4. It is a parent/guardian responsibility to bring and collect the child to and from the school.
  5. No child can leave the school premises without supervision during and at the end of the school time, without prior arrangement by the parent/ guardian with the group leader/ teacher.
  6. All staff need to be protective towards children under care and any problems which may arise need to be first discussed with the group leader/director. If necessary, further action needs to be decided by the school body. The action should follow the guidelines of the Surrey County Child Protection Procedures.
  7. The school is committed to seek in serious matters an advice and assistance from the Surrey County Council Social Services.
  8. The school is committed to provide in confidence, a support and assistance within the school capacity, to a child/family in need.
  9. In case of suspect abuse of a child, a confidential record of evidence ought to be prepared by the school.
  10. All matters will be dealt with a full confidentiality by the school.
  11. The school insists on good behaviour of children during the school time.
    A child who persistently misbehaves and endangers others might be asked to leave the school.
  12. The school is committed to provide staff with satisfactory records and of exemplary behaviour.